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We can start right. I need it.

Name: Kalindi
Age: 47
City: Brownton, Muskego, Crown Point, Irlam
Hair: Ultra long
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We can start right. I need it.

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Resource representation

Tango On the outside shj the building. A so price spike rifle here yes. And get that sniper real quick. Taking shots. No, no no. Welcome to the go If you survive, you earn your freedom. Interesting The logs different. You can always have a ask you give them some choice words, especially amongst the world.

Interesting Ready to find your next. When you return to the front line, you lose shg fight is over. It was you that open the door.

And I guess. Uh yes, I mean you can take it if you like it. I found one. We got some. Head for Target location. This is here for me. Uh wherever. Move it. Waypoint Mark Move And get to the new safe zone. Oh, wait no. Chatt a music is a music playing.

Well for deployment now is a good time to why up. And dropping into the A. Hostile dropping into the area. Watch the skies. Our practice time for the real thing. Alright uh You should be able to have your mic done now. This is if you can battle Royale a drop point for your team a soldier. This is here. I got an armor box.

Shyguy's world - index

Go check the other side. You too. Oh, I got munitions box too If you wanna come over here. Hey, give me a second. Box down Okay. I have another one. Not enough yet more enemy.

U overhand. No cash. Anyone use body armor. Oh fof god go. Helicopter that just landed over there. Ash money Found a sub machine gun. Do we have enough now? Duos right now. You wanna play. Yeah, I think she wanted to play.

Okay, let us know if you wanna play if you survive you. Time to ofr your freedom. Oh, I just wonder why you got another hit marker that no. Change your plans. Oh, no not camping like it.

Alright guys. Just waiting for it to load up.

Sopro in video

Oh my gosh. I was. Alright, so you guys just gonna fix this real quick.

There we go. Okay go. They got planes in this now in uh fortnite. My probably have to play that later. Refunded for what. Where you at??? The shaders are loading. Uh How many packs are they? Yeah, Of course, um I usually like to when I go live. Did you zub my though? Almost almost almost. Oh my gosh the last two percentages are taking forever.

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I know. Nice I am ed. Uh sorry. I guess my voice chat was uh disabled.

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Around the world and um I put me. Alright, bye. I lost connection to hose.

Okay, Let me invite you back. It like kicked me out.

Shy sub looking for master

Like out out, Yeah, like all the way out. Loading in Dude, I felt like those guys are??? No dude. Chill out. Oh bro. Dude get the??? Wait, What is the prize?

M MVP prize our hoodie and a??? Mm hmm. Live Town Yes. Wait what does the ehy at home? I like this one, someone tweeted my friend tweeted.