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Live mistress chat

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Female Domination Online.

Name: Cammi
Age: 37
City: Haysville
Hair: Soft
Relation Type: Gotta Rescue The Adult Online Dating
Seeking: I Seek Hookers
Relationship Status: Newlyweds

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I ready for horney people

Female Domination Online. Sessions can range from mild to extreme - suited to both our preferences.

You are not required to have any experience as a submissive, however even a novice must understand one thing: I will not tolerate a power struggle of any kind. If at any point during the session I feel we are not compatible I will end the session misgress I chzt both of us to have a good time. Acquaint yourself with my Expertise and Interests live mistress chat beforehand, so we won't spend valuable time with questions that are already answered there.

Session rules are simple: Only true submissives or fetishists may apply. Vanilla boys and wankers are not what I am looking for. No two sessions are alike.

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I don't have standard procedures. Just like I do, you will have certain expectations.

Mind reader is not part of my job and I won't waste my valuable time picking your brain. Know what you would like to experience in session before you contact me.

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My time is precious, don't waste it -- as I won't be wasting your time. I am selective in whom I session with.

If you cannot offer what I am looking for, we won't have a session. My services are to be paid for as any service is to be paid for.

My rates are non negotiable. There's no student discount or bartering for lower rates. If you cannot afford to session with me, then move on to find someone in your price range. I am solely dominant and make the rules for my slaves. You will not see me live mistress chat playing with myself on cam -- that is not what a Dominant does. During our session I will remain clothed.

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If at any time I choose to show you anything it ljve just that -- My choice. A slave, on the other hand, is expected to perform all sessions in the nude; sissies and sluts in the prettiest or sluttiest outfit of their chosing, unless instructed to wear something specific. There may be mistresa you are not willing to cross yetI will respect hard limits. Your soft limits are meant to be explored.

With my experience and guidance you will be able to live mistress chat to places you have always fantasized about.

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Choose your session time wisely! It's important to set up a certain atmosphere to enjoy live mistress chat session time together mistresx not rush through your toy collection within only a few minutes, possibly causing you permanent damage. Latex Fetish -- The same applies to latex fetish sessions, no rush. If you are familiar with rubber clothing you will certainly know and understand it isn't meant to be pulled on within 3 minutes.

Latex clothing is fragile and live mistress chat tear easily without proper handling. A chah of 30 minutes is preferred for one full or several latex outfits. I understand not everyone may be able to spare minutes of session time.

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So I will accept shorter sessions at a minimum of 15 minutes. Hourly rates are available at a great discounted rate. Extended sessions are encouraged and available on request.

Please note, audio is not available. Cam2cam sessions are always a favorite, however not required. Remember: I am not your book keeper!


Yet I will allow for the session to take place within misstress 1 week after receipt of payment. Booked sessions expire after one 1 week and will become a gift to your Mistress. After that time has passed, you will have to book a new session.