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When Edison was he enjoyed reading. He read many science and chemistry books.

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When Edison was he enjoyed reading. He read many science and chemistry books.

Edison sold newspapers and candy when he was twelve years old. He rode a train from town to town to sell them.

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Edison made a laboratory inside one of the train cars. He did different chemistry experiments during the ride from town to town. Edison said one day a man lifted him onto a train by his ears.

Edison said after that he could not hear. Picture Courtesy of the University of Virginia Edison thought his deafness helped him chxt a better scientist.

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All communication had to be written so there were no misunderstandings. He enjoyed not having to listen to other people talk.

He enjoyed not hearing the noises of his environment. He enjoyed being alone.

This allowed him to think clearly without distractions. When Edison was fifteen he dhat a 3 year old little boy from being hit by a train. The little boy's father taught Edison telegraphy as a reward.

When he went to see a play at the theater his wife tapped Morse Code on his leg. Then he knew what the actors were saying.

He hired people to work on new inventions. In six years Edison had patents.

He invented the first diode. Everything you plug into an electrical outlet has a diode.

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The diode knows how much power is needed for the object and only allows that much power to go into the object. The rest of the power is sent back to the electrical outlet.

This discovery eventually was called the "Edison Effect.